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CN8 Coffee

Hey There,

We are CN8 roasting co. specialty coffee and pleased to meet you.
At Cafe Nate, we proudly roast our own coffee, we use Grade A, ethically sourced coffee beans carefully roast weekly at ECRE.

By roasting our own coffee and developing the coffee profile, we have a transparent understanding of our product. We want to ensure that the love, care and dedication are served in every cup


We are serious in what we do,


No matter how you brew or how do you like your coffee, we can assist you. Home coffee machine? Take home our CN8 blend, this blend made perfect for both milk and black coffee. After a single origins? No problem, we have various single origin for you to explore. Talk to our team member about how do you like your coffee, we can ground to suit you coffee equipment to ensure you get the best from every sip.


The team at Cafe Nate have the knowledge and coffee expertise to source the best and always happy to share with you.


Thank you for having coffee with us


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