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Kate and Peach are the sister duo based from Thailand. They are working their magic in the cafe and bringing  creative ideas to our breakfast table. Driven by the love of food and the arts, they are embarking on their new project Cafe Nate in Roseville, Australia. 


Cafe Nate located on Hill street, and just across Roseville train station. Cafe Nate has it owns unique style. What makes us stand out from the rest, is its focus on a fun-loving, unpretentious environment. The staff are hand picked for their playful and friendly personality, and will not be offended by your request for an almond milk capuchino 3/4 full +1 sugar+ extra shot and extra hot. The design of Cafe Nate combines the calm relaxing tones and  green with zany and cheerful patterns.


By blending good quality local produce with a relaxing and fun-loving environment, Cafe Nate is truly the place to escape the hectic life of the city and sit back with a cup of nice coffee.

Cafe Nate sign front view
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