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In this peaberry double fermentation process, only the ripest cherries are taken to the wet mill where they are left to soak overnight in 8 degree spring water. The cold water slows the initial fermentation process. After 12-18 hours of soaking, the cherries are pulped, washed and very slowly dried on raised beds under UV covers, ensuring uniform drying throughout the bean mass and the beans themselves. The result is an incredible stable and consistent product with notes of intense red fruits, grape and a viscous creamy body.


  • Intense flavour and clean

    Tasting note ; Dark Chocolate, Ripe berries, Full-bodied

    Suggested recipe;
    Ratio 1:2 l in 23g out 46 g l Timing 30 Sec

    Origin; Brazil
    Double fermentation Peaberry- Fazenda California


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