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Timemore Pour Over Coffee Kettle

The Timemore Fish Pro Pour Over Coffee Kettle is a timeless piece of design and performance. Allowing you to pour so slowly that the water will fall straight down at a 90º angle to the spout, which will intern provide improved control whilst brewing and increased flavour clarity on your coffee extractions.



An internal sieve at the bottom of the spout regulates the flow of water up to the tip, necessary during slow pour over brews where you’re avoiding the edges of the filter paper and aiming for a specific rate of pour.


The multi-layer metal body of the Kettle assists in stable water temperatures and the three layers of metal make this kettle superior in terms of durability and heat retention with stainless steel, copper, and titanium gold. A smooth teflon finish makes this a visually striking kettle in all cafes and kitchens.


The kettles handle, open and tilted away from the body, is comfortable to hold even when full, designed to be ergonomic for when pouring with a thumb rest. A 700ml capacity is plenty for many brews and it comes in Black colours

Timemore Pour Over Coffee Kettle


    True 90-Degree Pour — Internal sieve structure enables a 90-degree vertical pour that enables a more even extraction when pour over brewing.

    Multi-Metal Body — Stainless steel, copper, and titanium gold trio provide long-term durability and better heat retention.

    Ergonomic Handle — Bent away for the body, with a thumb rest, you won’t need to raise the elbow to empty this kettle.

    700ml Capacity – Enough for 2 -3  cups of coffee.

    Thermometer Capabilities – Screw off the lid and place a thermometer down the middle for more consistent brews.

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