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Welcome to Cafe Nate, your favorite Coffee & Eatery in Roseville

Attention foodies! Just steps away from Willoughby, Cafe Nate is the best coffee shop in Roseville (NSW), offering a sanctuary for your senses. Step into our cozy retreat to relax and embark on a gastronomic odyssey.


Savor our delectable dishes, which use only the freshest and finest ingredients. From ethically sourced free-range eggs to tender, grass-fed steaks and lovingly crafted desserts, each dish celebrates our passion for creating unparalleled culinary delights.


Coffee lovers, take note! Our famous CN8 blend is a rich tapestry of flavor, meticulously roasted weekly from the most exquisite Grade A coffee beans. And for those who love a different beverage, our extensive selection of juices and teas promise freshness and enjoyment.


Our friendly team looks forward to welcoming you to the welcoming Cafe Nate. No matter if your journey begins in Roseville Chase, Lindfield, Chatswood West, Lane Cove North, Castle Cove, Artarmon, or Killara, we invite you to enjoy a dining experience that is sure to be etched in your memory.


Visit Cafe Nate - where a warm welcome and a concert of flavors await to delight your palate!

Taking a picture of Cafe Nate menu with a phone
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